WiCK Project Meeting Notes

14th of February 2003



Date: 14th of February 2003

Location: ECS Board room


Wendy Hall, Les Carr, Gary Wills, Tim Miles-Board,

monica mc schraefel, Arouna Woukeu.




The aim of the meeting was to look at a number of scenarios and decide
the way forward; perhaps try and get a set of requirements to help the
project in creating a focused demonstrators.

In addition to the three scenarios presented,
1) Wick proposal, manger produce a new procedure
2) Rolls-Royce, an engineering developing a design scheme
3) AKT, the project administrator producing a mid-term report
it is possible that we could also use some data from IBM.
Colin Bird asked for a copy of the scenarios. Les suggested that a
specific scenario would be better than these general scenarios.


Gary to contact IBM about creating a specific Scenario with sample data.

Key points of the discuss (as I saw them)

1) The user found keeping track of issues across the information space
was important. We may need to revisit the users again, ensuring that we
have captured what information they consider important
2) a lot of implicit workflow is in e-mail
3) Provide the user with information that is relevant
not just a list
they have to search through.
4) Catalogue of knowledge in their writing space (see proposal)
5) transclusion will not only show how the knowledge was built but will
allow you to add your own links.
6) Provide an overview of the information space and its
interconnections, focusing on relevancy.

Next meeting:  Wednesday
14:30 (with Les, Gary and Arouna)