WiCK Project Meeting Notes

[19 March 2003]


Wendy’s office


§         Leslie Carr (PI)

§         Gary Wills (minutes)

§           Arouna Woukeu (web site)

§           monica mc schraefel

§           Terry Payne

§           Tim Miles-Board



Minutes of the last meeting:


Matters arising

Work Still outstanding

§           Arouna to finish adding additional information into the technical report and inform Technical Report Administrator of the number of pages.

§           Arouna and Gary to write a technical report on the writing toolkit being developed and its integration/connection with the AKT project.

§           Arouna and Gary to write draft of the short paper for HT03.

§           Arouna and Gary to write a Demo for HT03, and produce an AVI file of the system.

§           Gary and Arouna to fill out an AKT “Showcase Technologies” template.

§           Gary to finish the draft scenario for writing a research proposal.


Terry describe the work he has been doing, and how he thought that WICK could dove tail into some of his work. The web services and wick should explain why and let the user choose.

monica explained the current implementation of M-Space. While there are a couple of implementations, there is at present only a set of heuristics. However, there are sufficient heuristics to build any M-Space you require, by using M-Space in which, these heuristic can be further redefined.  M-Space allows a view of the assets that are available, what they are, and a quick summary describing the space. The AKT scenario would provide a good scenario in which to try out M-Space.

M-Space is very much used at the start of the process (helps draw the assets together), Wick is very much in the middle of the process (takes the assets that are already there)

Context is very important in this process. There are basically two contexts:

1.      is it being written or read.

2.      the context of the paragraphs within the document.

Arouna explained his system, pointing out that we will not be writing a user interface but use a commercially available editor such as Microsoft Word.

2.      ACTIONS


M-Space study of AKT scenario

WebML, work through scenario

Reengineer Hugh’s documents to show how it related to relevant paragraphs in other documents.



2:30 Wednesday 26th of March 2003