WiCK Project Meeting Notes

[05 March 2003]



Location: Wendy’s office


§         Leslie Carr (PI)

§         Gary Wills (minutes)

§         Arouna Woukeu (web site)





Minutes of the last meeting



Matters arising

Barry has replied and so we will be putting an abstract into SigDoc. This will include our work, plus the joint activities with IBM’s XML DITA document architecture


Work still outstanding:

Refine AKT scenario and apply WebML to it and put it on the website.

While we go through the process of re-writing the scenario so that it can be used by WebML, we should note and reflect on the process we take to translate the natural language description to a form that can be used by any of the models.




A CD of the WICK scenarios has been sent to Colin Bird.


Technical report numbers and ISBN have been issued, for the conversion of the WWW03 paper.


Gary has completed the draft workshop and short papers for HT03, we will have to wait to see what workshops are announced at HT03 before we do any fine tuning.


It was decided not to convert the WWW03 paper to a short paper in HT03, as we will not be able to explain our ideas properly within the 2 page limit.

Arouna now has an initial prototype of his authoring tool ready, so it was agreed that we would write a short paper on Arouna’s tool kit to present and discuss the early results.

As this authoring tool integrates/communicates with the AKT knowledge Base, we should acknowledge this and write a showcase report with a vertical demonstration of the application based on a scenario (include a link to our own site).


Gary is still working on refining the scenario for writing a research proposal.



2.      ACTIONS


§         Arouna to add SIGDOC conference to list of conferences (especially the deadline for papers).


§         Arouna to finish adding additional information into the technical report and inform Technical Report Administrator of the number of pages.


§         Arouna and Gary to write a technical report on the writing toolkit being developed and its integration/connection with the AKT project.


§         Arouna and Gary to write draft of the short paper for HT03.


§         Arouna and Gary to write a Demo for HT03, and produce an AVI file of the system.


§         Gary and Arouna to fill out an AKT “Showcase Technologies” template.


§         Gary to finish the draft scenario for writing a research proposal.





2:30 Wednesday 19th of March 2003