WiCK Project Meeting Notes

[26 February 2003]




Location: Coffee Room


         Gary Wills (minutes)

         Arouna Woukeu (web site)






Minutes of the last meeting




Matters arising



See Discussion



Colin Bird as been in contact and is keen to have the scenarios as they are to gauge initial reaction.


While we go through the process of re-writing the scenario so that it can be used by WebML, we should note and reflect on the process we take to translate the natural language description to a form that can be used by any of the models. This is an area we did not intially think about, how to move from requirements to the first stage of the model.


We discussed the actions that can be done in regard to converting the WWW03 paper by next week.


We looked at different conferences and associated dead-line. There a couple later in the year on web engineering. Possible conference is the WISE deadline abstract 29th April papers 6th of May. http://www.dis.uniroma1.it/~wise03/dinamico/index.htm



2.      ACTIONS


Technical report: Gary to supply Technical report number and ISBN, Arouna to change the WWW03 paper to the technical report style and put back in some of the background material we originally cut from the earlier drafts.


Gary to write first draft of short and workshop paper for HyperText 03.

Arouna to write first draft of poster and sketch possible design of the poster for Hypertext 03.


Arouna to put on the web, a list of possible conference to put papers in this year and to think about for next year.

Gary to send CD to Colin


Les to Phone Barry Gunner at IBM





2:30 Wednesday 5th of March 2003