WiCK Project Meeting Notes

19th of February 2003



Location: Wendy’s office

Attendees:  Les Carr, Gary Wills, Arouna Woukeu.




A brief discussion of the action from the previous meeting: Gary has contacted Colin Bird, awaiting reply.

Some limitations of systems like Cream have been highlighted and the writing tool being developed is to consider some of them.


Our system augments memory and aids the choice and selection, supporting as much as possible people doing complex tasks, but not doing it for them; let the human do the thinking.

Provide a catalogue the user can see and browser. This can be viewed as
a physical face on what Arouna is doing.

How does model fit into this view? See figure 1 on next page.

How does the technology fit into the model? See figure 2 on next page.

Some debate as to whether Arouna's system is replacing or using the link
serve. It was felt that Arouna's system would use a contextual link
serve like Auld Linky and hence sits between Navigation and Presentation
(User interaction).


Les: to phone Barry Gunner at IBM
Gary/Arouna: Develop a 'proposal writing' scenario.
Gary/Arouna: refine the AKT scenario and apply WebML to it.
Gary/Arouna: do something with the paper
WWW paper as a technical report.
HT03 redo the paper for a workshop
HT03 Short papers and posters - the deadline is
30th May, 2003.
Arouna: Create a poster for WWW 2003 dead line 7th of May.
Gary to Help.

All: regular meeting every Wednesday 14:30 from next week.



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