WiCK Project Meeting Notes

[9 April 2003]


Leslie’s office, 10:30


§         Leslie Carr (PI)

§         Gary Wills (minutes)



Minutes of the last meeting:


Matters arising

Work Still outstanding

§           Arouna and Gary to write a technical report on the writing toolkit being developed and its integration/connection with the AKT project.

§           Arouna and Gary to write a Demo for HT03, and produce an AVI file of the system.

§           Gary and Arouna to fill out an AKT “Showcase Technologies” template.

§           Gary to finish the draft scenario for writing a research proposal.


Arouna has completed the technical report based on the failed www conference paper and it is being sent to Colin Bird for Review, in accordance with the technical report procedure.

The M-Space work will be undertaken by Leslie and Timothy and will apply M-space to the AKT scenario.

The WebML work is to be carried out by Arouna and Gary and will also focus on the AKT scenario.

This should give us a better understanding of how M-Space and other models fit into the model proposed by WICK.

The work to reengineer Hugh’s documents to show how it related to relevant paragraphs in other documents will be a joint effort by the team.


2.      ACTIONS

The matter arising work is to be completed by the Wednesday the 30th of April.

A progress report for the M-space and WebML work is required at the meeting of the 7th of May 2003.


2:30 Wednesday30th of April 2003